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Atlanta – Now becoming diverse
Atlanta is the most populous city in the United States state of Georgia. From its beginning, Atlanta was in a location of strategic transportation importance. It began as a settlement located at the intersection of two railroad lines. Atlanta was incorporated in eighteen hundred and forty five. As of now, Atlanta is a major business city and primary transportation hub of Southeastern United States whether via road, rail or air. Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport of the world. The city is a center for services, finance, information technology, government and higher education. Metro Atlanta has the third highest concentration of Fortune five hundred companies. The city homes the headquarters of Coco Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting, Home Depot, AT&T Mobility, UPS and Delta Air Lines. Atlanta is also prominent among the tourist destinations of United States.
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Atlanta has been known as “Black Mecca”, as it is for long has been center of black wealth, political power and culture. It has been a cradle of Civil Rights Movement and was home to Dr. Martin-Luther-King Jr. Currently the size of white population is growing rapidly and the city is now becoming ethnically diverse.
The arts and entertainment field is vibrant in Atlanta. The city is an important base for hip hop, gospel and neo soul music. Atlanta has also become a major center of film and television production. Another important characteristic of Atlanta which makes it stand out among major cities of United States is its dense tree coverage. In nineteen hundred and ninety six, Atlanta hosted Summer Olympics.
During American Civil War, Atlanta became target of major Union campaign because it was a distribution hub. In eighteen hundred and sixty four, troops of Union General Sherman set on fire and destroyed the assets and buildings of city except for churches and hospitals. After war the population and manufacturing grew and city retained its strategic position as rail hub. In eighteen hundred and eighty six Coca Cola was launched in Atlanta and grew as a world empire having base in Atlanta.
Situated at an elevation of three hundred and twenty meters above sea level, Atlanta sits atop a ridge south of Chattahoochee River. Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate. As it is typical of southeastern United States, Atlanta receives abundant rainfall, which is evenly distributed throughout the year.
Architecture in Atlanta is dominated by modernism and postmodernism in its commercial and institutional buildings.