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bus renatl Gainesville, FL

Gainesville is a cute college town in Florida. In fact it is the major destination for college kids in Florida. Though it does not have a great city looks, it is a perfect college town. It is the cultural, commercial and educational ceneter for Northern Florida. Univercity Of Florida, the oldest and biggest university system is in Gainesville. There is also a great medical school associated with University of Florida and they are the majr employers in town.

Gainesville is a two hour drive from Orlando, Florida. The drive from Orlando to Gainesville can be a great experience fr those who enjoy natural beauty. You will see a great number of farms along the way. Normally there is not much of a traffic in this town. Do not forget to enjoy the great restaurants in Gainesville.

BusNeeds.com, a search engine of charter bus industry has been a great tool for both studenst and local businesses in Gainesville. In the last 3 yeras we helped over 40 groups with their charter services. Since there are not many charter bus, school bus, limo bus and party bus comapnies around Gainesville we are of help help to them.

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