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Philadelphia is agreat city to explore. In fact Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country and former capital of the United States. Located 100 miles south of New York city, Philadelphia can add lasting memories to your tour. As the fifth largest city in the United States, it has cultural and historical significance. Home to Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the modern United States was born in this great city.

Philadelphia can be reached by both air and by road. Philadelphia International Airport is one of the busiest in North East and therer are daily flights from and to Europe, Latin Americ and South America. A bus rental may be the feasible option for groups to visit the city since parking can be a night mare. There are many reliable charter bus companies in Philadelphia and can help you fing a charter, mini bus or school bus in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia was founded in 1682 by William Penn as a port along the Delaware river. Soon the city began to grow and by 1740, the city became one of the busiest ports in the colony. Consequently, Philadelphia became the center of American Revolution and served as the meeting place for our founders. Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776 and the US costitution was signed in 1787. As a result of the huge inflow of immigrants from Europe, the city became a huge industrial place. Busineeses in textile, shipping and other manufacturing sectors provided thousands of jobs and this growth led to more people coming to the city for work. Most of these people raised their childern in the city and was able to provide great education thanks to the quality schools in the city. Immigrants came in thousands in later times from Africa, Asia and Latin America and found their American dream in the city.

As a result of globalization, the city is going through an historical crisis as all the manufacturing jobs have shifted to developing coumtries such as China and Mexico, Thousands of people lost their jobs and moved out of the city. bringing those jobs back to the city is not going to happen any time soon. Though the authorities have been working on improving the situation, the plight of the working class hangs in the balance. If the economic conditions do not change, the city very well can lose thousands of people and it will cause irreparable damage to the local economy which is already fragile.