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Save Time and Money And Get Charter Bus Rental quotes immediately from Dayton, Ohio Charter Bus Companies. Compare the prices and select the best one from Licensed and Bonded Transportation providers for Dayton Motor Coach, Dayton Mini Bus, Dayton School bus, Dayton Entertainer, Dayton Executive, Dayton Limo Bus, Dayton Double Decker, Dayton Passenger Van.

Wherever you happen to be in Dayton, there's always something exceptional to enjoy. Whether you'd like to see a first-class show, view wonderful works of art, go to the symphony, stroll through a botanical garden, and enjoy world-class dining. If you're a sports fan, you will feel right at home. It has golf courses, plenty of space to go camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing as well as countless spectator sports to enjoy. When you're in Dayton you’ll find plenty of things to do.
Variety of cuisine for all, comfortable lodgings and excellent ground transportation services like Charter Bus that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit will make your Dayton trip safe and enjoyable.

Dayton is home to spectacular museums, numerous shops and an attractive parks system, immense historic charm. Come and explore the United States Air Force Museum, the world's largest aviation museum. Displaying hundreds of aircraft and missiles, the museum exhibits everything visitors wish to know about the Air Force. The Dayton Children's Parade is a focus of the Dayton Holiday Festival and always an stimulating event for both the young and old. Come and experience a fun holiday parade that happens in Downtown Dayton every year. Carillon Historical Park is is a well known park that depicts the history of modern technology.

The Dayton Mall is waiting for shopping buffs. It houses over 180 specialty shops, restaurants and department stores. Dayton is also home to the Five Rivers Metro Parks, a park that features 24 public facilities in and around the city. Nearby Carriage Hill MetroPark is an ideal place to embark on a hike, cross-country ski trip or horseback ride.

Dayton is rich with history. Museums, historic sites, tours and national parks showcase its diversity, from prehistoric man and Native Americans, to slaves escaping to freedom, to the discovery of flight and beyond. You'll be able to experience Ohio through the ages and even have some fun along the way. There's no better place to spend some quality time with your family than Dayton. Home to record-setting roller coasters, renowned zoos, museums, and year round indoor water parks, you're bound to have a thrilling experience that you will remember for years to come.

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Finding a charter bus for your event can be a tedious and often time consuming task. We are here to help you resolve that problem for you. Many times people have difficulty finding a reliable charter bus company.  With the help provided by us, you will be able to find a trusted charter bus provider. Whether you are with a  school, university, church or corporation we will work with you to find the right charter bus.


There different types of buses based on your needs and number of people


Coach Bus Or Charter Bus


Coach Bus is a luxury bus with all the options for a comfort and luxurious journey. A Coach bus can seat up to 55 people and it comes with a rest room. In addition, each coach bus is equipped with multiple screens, and DVD player. Electric outlets and WIFi on board are additional luxuries. A large luggage compartment underneath bus provides enough room for over 100 large suitcases.


Mini Bus or Party Bus


Mini Bus is a small coach bus with all the amenities of a Coach Bus. A Mini Bus can hold up to 25 people. We also have 27, 29,32 and 35 seat Mini Buses. They are convenient for corporate outings, dinner transportation, rehearsal dinner and local tours.


School Bus Rental


School Bus is an economical way to transport a large group. Normally used by school groups for school field trips, school buses can be used for church retreats, weddings, sports travel and even for corporate events.


Charter Bus Rental

Mini Bus Rental

School Bus Rental

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