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Grand Canyon national Park
This geological gash in Northern Arizona is one of the world’s most identifiable natural features, and its beauty is the stuff of legend. Take a two-hour Charter Bus drive from Flagstaff; the Canyon encompasses more than 1900 square miles ad descends to 6000
feet at its deepest point.

Heritage Square
Known as Flagstaff’s “living room”, this redbrick plaza was created from one of the downtown area’s last vacant lots. Today it features an expensive space for residents to gather and for organizations to present musical performances, art shows, and the like.
Along with fountains, benches and a picnic area, Heritage Square offers an open-air amphitheater and a walkway that charts Flagstaff’s history and influences.

Lowell Observatory
This is a privately owned complex dedicated to astronomy research and Visitor Education. Percival Lowell established it in 1894. Thanks to Flagstaff’s altitude and its relatively dark skies as it was the site of two significant discoveries: the planet Pluto and
the fact that the Universe is indeed expanding. All of this came as an offshoot of Lowell’s interest in Mars. Many of the facilities of the Telescope still remain in use and visitors can take part in-group tours or browse the visitors’ center.

Flagstaff Promoted as the “best preserved meteorite crater on earth”, this spectacular site indicates what happened when a meteor struck earth at 40,000mph. Guided tours explore the phenomenon, and observation points afford view from its rim. The visitors’ center offers a wide-screen movie theater, a tribute to astronauts, and a gift shop.

Northern Arizona University
One of Northern Arizona’s most prominent Universities, this public institution boasts an enrollment of approximately 20,000. Although graduate and research programs are offered here, Undergraduate education is the most prominent. Northern Arizona
Universities J. Lawrence Walk sky dome is said to be the second largest timber dome in existence. It is a home to the football team and the site for commencement ceremonies.

Painted Desert and Petrified Forest
Created millions of years ago, the region once lay underwater; at that time minerals infiltrated fallen logs, creating the amazing fossils seen today. This park, spreading more than 93,000 acres, is an artist’s palette of warm, vibrant colors and unusual geology. Its northern part known as the Painted Desert; the southern portion features the petrified wood. Visitors can tour the area by bicycle or Charter Bus on a paved road and hiking is also permitted.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
In the 11th century ,the earth exploded in the midst of Native American tribe, devastating their lives and the landscape itself. Sunset Crater Volcano, which towers 1000 feet above, was created at that time. The volcano is one of the area’s youngest and named after the fiery colors of its rock composition. Though it can’t be scaled, trails leads around it and nearby formations are more conducive to exploration. In Flagstaff your journey will be easier when you hire Charter Bus that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit. Fine food and accommodation facilities are
effortlessly available here to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable.