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When you visit Fredericksburg, you will love being in the midst of things. It is south of the Potomac River and Wes of Washington, DC. Its close proximity to Washington, DC makes it an extraordinary place to be visited. A strategic location between Richmond and Washington, DC, made Fredericksburg the site of some of the Civil War's most grisly battles. A trip to the Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park includes historian led tours that inform visitors of the battles.

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Fredericksburg is steeped in American history. George Washington, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and George Mason are among the great men who walked Fredericksburg's cobblestone streets. Both George Washington and Robert E. Lee were born on the bucolic Northern Neck, a peninsula set apart by the broad Potomac on one side and the winding Rappahannock River on the other.

At the end of it is the fishing village of Reedville, built in the Victorian era and still making its living from the Chesapeake Bay, and Irvington, home to The Tides Inn, one of the state's finest golf resorts. Large and small creeks crisscross the neck, and bald eagles, blue heron, flocks of waterfowl, and an occasional wild turkey inhabit the unspoiled marshland.

Fredericksburg is one of Virginia’s prettiest historic towns. Its elegant downtown streets backed by residential avenues lined with white picket fences. In colonial days, this was an important inland port. Dozens of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings along the waterfront now hold antique stores and secondhand bookshops.

During the Civil War, its strategic location -- equidistant from two rival capitals, Richmond and Washington -- turned Fredericksburg into a fierce battlefield, scene of one of the war's bloodiest conflicts. Although rapid growth is beginning to absorb Fredericksburg within the Washington, D.C., suburban megalopolis, a 40-block area of the town is a National Register Historic District. Most visitors come here either to see the buildings in which Washington, Jefferson, Lee, Mason, Monroe and their families lived and worked, or to explore the Civil War battlefields.