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Transportation is a huge factor in making your event a successful one. You need a partner whom you can believe with a proven track record. Finding a charter bus or tour bus for your event can be a tedious and often time consuming task, especially when you are planning many things. We are here to help you resolve that problem for you. Many times people have difficulty finding a reliable charter bus rental company.  With the help provided by cutting edge technology, you will be able to find a trusted charter bus provider. Whether you are with a  school, university, church or corporation we will work with you to find the right charter bus.


There different types of buses based on your needs and number of people in your group.


Coach Bus Or Charter Bus


Coach Bus is a luxury bus with all the options for a comfortable and luxurious journey. A Coach bus can seat up to 55 people and it comes with a rest room. In addition, each coach bus is equipped with multiple screens, and DVD player. Electric outlets and WIFi on board are additional luxuries. A large luggage compartment underneath bus provides enough room for over 100 large suitcases.


Mini Bus or Party Bus


Mini Bus is a small coach bus with all the amenities of a Coach Bus. It is a mini version of a coach bus in shape, seating and comfort. A Mini Bus can hold up to 25 people. We also have 27, 29,32 and 35 seat Mini Buses. They are convenient for corporate outings, dinner transportation, rehearsal dinner and local tours. We also have limo bus or party with round seating.


School Bus Rental


School Bus is an economical way to transport a large group. Normally used by school groups for school field trips, school buses can be used for church retreats, weddings, sports travel and even for corporate events.


Charter Bus Rental

Mini Bus Rental

School Bus Rental

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The sixth largest city in California, Fresno has an estimated population of 481,035.The central Valley is a large ,flat valley that dominates the central portion of the U.S. State of California, stretching nearly 400 miles from north to south, it is home to many of California’s most productive agricultural efforts. In Fresno it is easily available to obtain fine lodgings and ground transporting facilities like Charter Bus including Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker,
Passenger Van and Public Transit.

Duncan Water Gardens
These gardens were manicured following the principles of Asian design. It features a koi ponds, a lake, beautiful plantings and sculpture. A charming waterfall adds beauty of the  property and dozens of cherry trees provide a stunning spectacle when they flower in the Mid- march. Group tours can be arranged during the week with special permission.

Forestiere Underground Gardens
Situated in northwest Fresno near Highway 99, it features nearly one hundred chambers, passageways, courts and patios. Fruit bearing trees planted below the ground protrude through openings at ground level. The one man fantasia is an absolute must-see
for its unfaltering vision, dedication ,ingenuity, and back-breaking efforts- everything. Here you can view more architectural achievements than gardens.

Fresno Water Tower
Designed by George Washington Maher, this sturdy and Romanesque tower reaches 100 feet in to the sky. It was modeled after a tower in Worms, Germany. Recently the entire building had been renovated into a visitors center for Fresno’s city and county .Now the Water tower is a city show piece.

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church
This picturesque Church was the first Armenian sanctuary constructed in the style of Armenian sacred architecture. A short, cylindrical tower sites atop the entrance, and a dome crowns the juncture of the crucifix arms; both are topped with slender crosses.
Interior ornamentation includes stained glass windows, ecclesiastical paintings and crystal chandeliers and sconces.

Shinzen Japanese Garden
This Asian garden is an anomaly in Fresno’s arid climate, but somehow, it prospers and thrives anyway. A koi pond a thatched roof tea house, meandering pathways, water  features, a moon bridge and landscaped bridge all contribute to the overall effect, which
is one of tranquility ,peace ,and natural beauty.



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