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Georgia is stunningly gorgeous and lovely; from its coast with majestic vista, tidal marshlands and swamps to the Mountains region blessed with breathtaking scenery, pure lakes and roaring rivers to the Historic South with a rich musical and cultural heritage, bountiful agriculture and ancient landmarks, you’re sure to have the perfect family vacation or romantic getaway.

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In Georgia, the past seems to intersect with the present at every turn in the road: The profiles of Confederate leaders gaze stoically from Stone Mountain; turn-of-the-century homes still gleam on the Golden Isles; and every town between Atlanta and Savannah displays its mementos of General Sherman's 1864 invasion.

For travelers, Georgia's historic awareness presents an opportunity to glimpse the culture of the Old South. You can tour vintage mansions and plantations, visit forts and museums and witness battle reenactments. The state is not trapped in its past -- witness the amenities of cosmopolitan Atlanta or the contemporary arts and music scene of Athens -- but the state's reverence for earlier times is one of its most endearing.

Tifton, a growing leisure destination in the heart of charming South Georgia, where you will find the perfect combination of welcoming hometown appeal and exciting cultural chic. Tifton hosts a myriad of diverse artistic, educational, and business events throughout the year. As a Celebration of the Arts city, Tifton's contemporary cultural arts are certainly alive — and thriving. Most Georgians live close to the major cities, so visitors passing through the wide open spaces between cities may wonder if the population number is a misprint. These rural areas offer a tremendous variety of outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and sun worshippers.

Annual celebrations including spring's Love Affair Fine Arts Festival and December's Hometown Holidays Celebration have grown into wonderfully popular regional favorites. Gifted artists, musicians, performers, and craftspeople from around the globe bring their talents and traditions to Tifton.