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Formerly an important inland port on the Okmulgee River, Macon now is the cultural and economic center of a large surrounding area. A large number of well preserved old buildings, including City Hall, the Grand Opera House ,Hay House and the birth place of poet Sidney Clayton Lanier.

To the east of the town is the Okmulgee National Monument. The city of Macon is home to a range of museums and main attractions. Annual Events and Festivals in Macon include the Georgia State Fair and the Cherry Blossom Festival. The Cherry Blossom is an annual spring festival that acts as a window to Middle Georgia area that draws thousands each year to Macon with its venues, locations, entertainment, arts and crafts, shows, services and its cherry blossoms.

Macon offers conventional southern attraction at the heart of Georgia with Pre Civil War homes and a surplus of cherry trees those blossoms once a year. Macon provides world class food, accommodation and ground transportation facilities like Charter Bus that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit etc to make your journey enjoyable.

Macon Attractions
Harriet Tubman Museum: Tubman still enjoys the reputation of Georgia’s largest museum and it features African-American art, history and culture. Its14 galleries, a library and a museum present African American achievements with a special tribute to Ms. Tubman, former slave.

Hay House: This Pre-Civil War mansion was built in 1855 and managed to survive the war between the states. It is famous for its beautiful stained –glass windows, gold leaf and even a secret room said to be occupied by a ghost.

Anderson Ville National Historic Site: This was the deathbed of some 13,000 Union soldiers. As prisoners of war, they suffered extreme neglect leading to their death.

Georgia Music hall of Fame: This place is full of memorabilia of different Georgian musicians. The music stations set up throughout which enable you to listen to the actual artist’s music by way of headphones.

Museum of Aviation: This museum offers displays of more than 89 military aircraft including the estate-of-the-art fastest plane on earth.