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New Mexico is packed with natural wonders, from natural hot springs high in the mountains to the world's largest deposit of gypsum sand. Explore undeveloped caves, walk lava flows and stare in awe at dazzling rock formations. We've chosen a few of these natural wonders for this page. New Mexico houses 26 wonderful lovely byways. You can view 8t of the 126 America's Byways here. New Mexico is well-known for its astounding natural beauty and history. From dinosaurs to volcanoes to Native American Anasazi ruins you will not be disenchanted.

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More than 300 public terrain sites feature natural wonders such as hot springs high in the North-Central mountains, embryonic caves and lava flows in the Southeast, dazzling rock formations in the Southwest, and ancient Native American ruins in the Northwest. If you like both adventure and learning, get out your hiking boots and some sun screen because more than 45% of New Mexico is in public possession; it means New Mexico offers you a nonstop recreational opportunities to enjoy.

Over New Mexico’s rather long history it has been occupied by Native American populations and has been part of the Imperial Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain, part of Mexico, and a U.S. territory. Among U.S. states, New Mexico has simultaneously the highest percentage of Hispanic Americans and the second-highest percentage of Native Americans after Alaska. The weather of the state is highly scorched and its land is mostly covered by mountains and deserts.

The Catwalk, a National Recreation trail along the canyon of Whitewater Creek, is a distinctive feature of southwestern New Mexico. Nestled five miles east of Glenwood, it offers a vivacious expedition along a path reflecting the region's mining history. The canyon was used as a hideout by both Geronimo and Butch Cassidy.