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The largest city in Arizona, Phoenix is also the state capital. Located in the heart of an arid region full of saguaro and prickly pear cactus, it is also the well-liked tourist destination, particularly as a winter gateway.

The scorching little farming town stood in the heart of the large Salt River Valley, with a readymade irrigation system left by ancient Indians. The city’s phenomenal rise was originally fueled by its image as a healthy oasis , where the desert had been tamed and transformed into a suburban idyll. The retirees still gather to enclave such a Sun City. The greater Phoenix area offers visitors an array of impressive cultural attractions. Perfect climatic conditions and immaculately planned championship courses have made Phoenix one of the top golf destinations in the world. Certainly there is something more to this docile metropolis than lush greens.

The very name phoenix conjures up the images of rising from the ashes, and it is very suitable for a city that made the transition from Deserted Native American ruins to upscale playing field. You will find everything from world class restaurants and resorts and fine dining to enlivening adventure and enriching culture. Phoenix provides all other quality facilities like Charter Bus services that include  Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit.

Points of interests

Arizona Capitol museum: This historic museum housed in an impressive stone building that once served as the state capitol, this museum documents Arizona’s time as a territory and its early statehood. The flags documenting the state’s history, including ones representing Spain, Mexico and the Confederacy.

Botanical Garden: This garden features the world’s largest outdoor desert plant collection. Not only is this park a treat for the eyes, but it also provides exercise for the body and mind. One of the main highlights, an informative ethno botanical walking trail, meanders through the grounds

Zoo: Over 1000 animals, including many endangered species, are housed in this expansive park. The animals live in spacious enclosures, similar to the habitats they would if they were in the wild. Here visitors can also enjoys attractions like the tropical rainforest exhibit , train rides , and a fabulous children’s petting zoo.