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Whether you are a birder, a wildlife enthusiast, or just ready to discover the wildlife, Texas has a lot to offer. In Texas you will find the best spots in the state to observe wildlife such as birds, butterflies, bats or pronghorns. Texas is the perfect place to view wildlife; the Lone Star State is one of the top birding destinations in the world and is rich in its diverse species of wildlife.

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Texas was the first state in the nation to create birding and wildlife viewing trails, an idea that resulted in similar projects throughout North America. These trails provide economic incentives for landowners and communities to conserve habitats while providing recreational opportunities for the traveling public.

Texas is one of the nation's leaders in nature tourism. Ultimately, nature tourism leads to conservation by encouraging landowners and communities to conserve habitats, providing wildlife viewers’ greater opportunity, and inviting you to experience for yourself the abundant natural resources of Texas.

In Texas you will experience the large variety of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Texas is a very diverse state with 262,017 square miles of territory and 624 miles of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas' elevation varies from zero to 8,749 feet elevation. The population is close to 20,000,000 people, but Texas only has an average of 76 people per square mile. The rainfall and climate varies greater with the southeast part of Texas being wetter and the northwest being arid.

If you are from the North, you will absolutely love Texas. You can come on down and spend a while in the nice, mild climate of Texas. If you are looking for a place to retire, you will definitely want to look at Texas. Explore and discover the large variety of wildlife and beautiful lakes and scenery in Texas.