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A fast-growing city, Tucson is known for its metropolitan sophistication as for its unique blend of cultures. A vast desert, green canyons and royal mountains ranges from an inspiring backdrop, and close proximity to the Mexican border is evident in the architecture, unique cuisine, active fiestas and yearly festivals.

Electronics and missile production constitute the economy of this city. Tucson is recognized as both the premier health services center of the Southwest and the astronomy center of the world.
It is in Tucson where you experience the real and natural beauty of Arizona and the Southwest. Whatever you want- if it is world renowned spas, spacious meeting facilities, legendary golf courses, unique historical and cultural attractions, pristine desert flora and fauna, majestic mountain views and much more- is in Tucson. It has a fantastic weather, national parks and forests that provide the tons of outdoor recreational activities. With a history that goes back much further than many of its southwestern neighborhoods, museums and the mission San Xavier del Bac, a still functioning 18th –century mission considered one of the most beautiful in the US.
Although it suffers from the same Sunbelt sprawl as Albuquerque and Phoenix, it does have a wanderable center, some enjoyable restaurants and a pretty good nightlife, energized by the 35,000 at the university of Arizona. Conveniences and facilities in Tucson are world standard. Charter Bus that includes Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Entertainer, Executive, Limo Bus, Double Decker, Passenger Van and Public Transit will make your travel comfortable, enjoyable and ever memorable.

Tucson Festivals
Tucson Winter chamber music festival: Nationally and internationally renowned chamber music groups perform every year in March. The one week long festival has been celebrated for over 50 years.
The Square and Round Dance Festival: The Square and Round Dance Association Arizona celebrates the festival in January. It showcases square dancing, round dancing and clogging.
Tucson International Mariachi Conference: Tucson International Mariachi Conference, which is one of the most influential mariachi and baile folklrico festivals in the world, is planning to celebrate its silver anniversary in 2007 in grand style.