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A hub for the exploration and appreciation of Idaho’s south central region, Twin Falls is within close proximity of a number of natural wonders, recreational opportunities and cultural activities.
The city often boasts a host of parks and facilities including Dierkes Lake, where fishing, hiking and rock climbing are popular activities.

The Principle sight in the town of Twin Falls is the Shoshone Falls, over which the Snake River Plunges down200 ft- 50 ft more than the Niagara Falls. The falls are best seen in spring and autumn, for during the summer most of the water is sidetracked for irrigating farmland.

The Herrett Center for Arts and Science, Hegy’s South hills Winery and the annual Jazz in the Canyon music festival illustrate visitors that the cultural side of Twin Falls is as exciting as the landscape.

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Places of Interest
Dierkes Lake: The sandy beaches and plenty of water offer convenient atmosphere for fishing and boating here. The area is well known for its rock climbing including crack climbs and bouldering.

Hegy’s South Hills Winery: Nestled four miles south of Twin Falls, this is one of Idaho’s smallest wineries. This winery is family owned and operated, and each bottle of wine is hand bottled and corked.

Anderson Camp Waterslide fun Center: It features a water slide, 18-hole mini-golf, a children’s wading pool, a swimming pool and snack bar, as well s variety of camping facilities.